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Migration guide

Database services

We are no longer run services inside the same containers using localhost, mysql, mongodb, redis, phantomjs, mailcatcher, graphviz theses services are now part as side containers and can be activated using environement variables, please report to documentation.

Update nodejs version

We are no longer using nvm to change nodejs version, inside you should follow the example below.

sh $(NVM_DIR)/
sudo su -c "source /etc/profile ; nvm install 10.16.3 -reinstall-packages-from=v5.4.1 ; nvm alias default 10.16.3 ; nvm list"

Missing commands

Commands listed below are missing:

  • rsync
  • eb
  • nvm
  • rbenv
  • subversion

You could encountered missing command line, like rsync, it was previously on the base image of system, but not present in official base php debian image. When you meet this error install the package using a shell script using command below:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install rsync

Please feel free to contact us if face any problem !