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MongoDB is supported by continuousphp. It uses the official MongoDB Docker images.


MongoDB containers are available for each activity in your build. To enable one of them, simply add one of the following environment variables in your pipeline configuration:

  • CPHP_SERVICE_MONGO_24 (latest 2.4.x)
  • CPHP_SERVICE_MONGO_3 (latest 3.x)
  • CPHP_SERVICE_MONGO_30 (latest 3.0.x)
  • CPHP_SERVICE_MONGO_32 (latest 3.2.x)
  • CPHP_SERVICE_MONGO_34 (latest 3.4.x)

E.g. if you need MongoDB 3.4.x in your Behat tests, go to the Testing Settings (step 2 of the Pipeline) and add the environment variable CPHP_SERVICE_MONGO_32 = 1 to the Behat configuration.

PHP Extensions

Our PHP testing containers implement both the mongo and mongodb extensions.

Connecting to MongoDB

Because MongoDB runs in a dedicated container, each version has a specific local domain :

mongo 2.4.xmongo24
mongo 3.xmongo3
mongo 3.0.xmongo30
mongo 3.2.xmongo32
mongo 3.4.x/td>mongo34

There are no Authentication settings.