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SolR is supported by continuousphp.


SolR containers are available for each activity in your build. To enable one of them, simply add the environment variable CPHP_SERVICE_SOLR with the desired SolR version as value to your pipeline configuration. Available versions are :

  • 8.4
  • 8.3
  • 8.2
  • 8.1
  • 8.0
  • 7.7
  • 7.6
  • 7.5
  • 6.6
  • 5.5

E.g. if you need SolR 8.0 in your Behat tests, go to the Testing Settings (step 2 of the Pipeline) and add the environment variable CPHP_SERVICE_SOLR = 8.0 to the Behat configuration.

Connecting to SolR


Import your own configuration

Continuous PHP provides possibility to import your own configuration and datas.
For that, we create a new core at SolR start up.

Fist, put a directory with your core config into your repository. We'll copy and activate it in your service contianer.

Declare this repository in your pipeline using CPHP_PATH_SOLR_CONFIG environement variable.
Put as value your directory's relative path like CPHP_PATH_SOLR_CONFIG=solr/mydata.

You can choose your core name (facultative) using CPHP_SOLR_CORE_NAME=mycore. Default value is 'core0'.